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Welcome to the Harvard Club of New Jersey!


The Harvard Club of New Jersey invites all Harvard University degree holders who live in Northern New Jersey to join our club.  Current undergraduates from Northern New Jersey are automatically members while they are enrolled (with annual dues waived) and parents of current Harvard College undergraduates from our area are invited to join as well at a reduced rate. As a member of our club, you will have priority access and discounted rates to all our events. 


If you are already a member of the club, thank you for your past support. If you haven't yet joined us, here are a few reasons to consider membership in our club: 


  •  We foster ties among alums in the northern New Jersey area with our various events during the year, mostly cultural, some sporting, all fun. You are guaranteed to meet interesting and intriguing people, some of whom just may be classmates you didn't know lived in New Jersey.
  •  Your annual membership dues and your donations are used to fund scholarships and summer internships for deserving Harvard undergraduates from New Jersey. Both your annual dues and your donations are tax-deductible.
  •  We organize all alumni interviewing of applicants from our area to Harvard College. With the help of our many terrific alumni volunteers, we schedule upwards of 800 interviews every year. Newcomers to interviewing are especially welcome!


As alumni of one of the world's pre-eminent universities, all of us know first-hand the value and importance of education. You might think with all the attention paid to Harvard in the press that it is too big and too rich to need your help. The quiet reality is that the university needs us more than ever. Harvard today has a core mission to broaden its accessibility to all outstanding students, wherever they live and whatever their background. Only with alumni commitment will this goal be achieved.





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