Ivy + Young Alumni Cocktail Party in Hoboken


An open bar, small bites, and music will add to the enjoyment of mixing with fellow young alumni from  Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, Penn, Princeton, the Stevens Institute of Technology, Wharton and Yale.


The open bar starts at 6:00 PM and lasts until 9:00PM.  Platters of delicious appetizers and snacks will be offered to complement your drinks.  If you would rather not drink, come and enjoy the crowd and appetizers for a reduced registration fee (see below).


The Lola is a cocktail bar on the waterfront of Hoboken with a stunning view of New York. There is a large space in front of the bar for those who want to take in the view and chat away from the music.


There is street parking and the Hoboken PATH train station is just a short walk away.


This will likely be the largest gathering of Ivy+ alumni in NJ recent years.  Feel free to register guests too!


Choice of fees: 

$65 (includes unlimited drinks with an open bar)


$30 (non-alcoholic soft drinks included)

Please have a designated driver, take public transportation or use a ride sharing app if you plan on drinking.