HCNJ Trivia Night


Join the Harvard Club of New Jersey for a night of free trivia fun! Test your knowledge of our underrated state of New Jersey, Harvard history, and more!


The event is free and limited to 20 attendees. A Zoom link and detailed instructions will be emailed to all who register. 


This trivia game will last approximately 1 hour. All questions will be multiple choose or true/false format. Be sure to answer fast to get more points if you are correct! We will start with 3 super easy questions to warm up and get a feel for Kahoot. First time playing Kahoot! trivia? Check out our how-to below:


Kahoot! How-To:


1) We will email you the trivia Zoom link ahead of the event. If you want to use two devices to play: Before the event, download the Kahoot! App for iPhone or Android smart phone at: https://kahoot.com/home/mobile-app/ Use your computer to join the Zoom and view the questions and use the app on your phone to answer the questions. Or If you want to play on one device: Use your computer to join the Zoom and view the questions. Also use your computer to go to: kahoot.it to answer. Split your screen so you can view both at the same time.


2) In the Zoom meeting, get the HCNJ Kahoot game pin and enter it into your app or kahoot.it. Press enter and you're in the game!


3) When you want to choose an answer to a question, click the corresponding symbol on your app! For example, your question says "Who invented the lightbulb?" and you want to pick "Thomas Edison." When you look at the Zoom screen note the symbol for Thomas Edison (red triangle) and click the red triangle on your Kahoot app! Any questions? Email lisamichellepecaro@alumni.harvard.edu Also, LisaMichelle will be on Zoom early (at 7:30pm) to answer any questions before the game begins!