Virtual Talk: Will global health survive the pandemic test?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and aggravated longstanding global health inequities. The Black Lives Matter movement as well as ongoing calls to decolonize global health have all created space for uncomfortable but important conversations that reveal serious asymmetries of power and privilege that permeate all aspects of global health.


On October 27 at 8:00 pm EDT, ClassACT HR85 will host a conversation between Dr. Madhukar Pai and Dr. Kevin Schwartzman ’85. Dr. Pai  will discuss fundamental flaws in the traditional conception and delivery of “global health.” Drawing on his experience in global health, he will suggest potential ways to rethink and redesign global health—building on approaches that are truly inclusive and effective.


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Dr. Madhukar (Madhu) Pai is Canada Research Chair in Epidemiology and Global Health at McGill University, Co-Editor in Chief of PLOS Global Public Health, and associate director of the McGill International Tuberculosis Centre.


Dr. Kevin Schwartzman, AB’85, MPH’95, is director of the Respiratory Division at McGill University, and a clinician-scientist at the McGill International Tuberculosis Centre.  Kevin will engage Madhu in conversation on these issues, followed by questions and discussion from the audience.