Harvard Public Interest Summer Internship

Are you interested in being paid for this great summer internship?


Harvard Public Interest Summer Internship 
New Jersey Rhodes Scholar and Recent Harvard College Graduate Extols the Harvard Club of New Jersey's Summer Community Service Fellowship for Undergraduates
"In retrospect, the summer experience that was in fact most formative was the summer wherein I worked at my local mental health clinic under the Harvard Club of New Jersey's Summer Public Interest fellowship. The fellowship was both flexible and generous enough to allow me to do what I love - work alongside my community members to collectively improve our well-being. In college, these opportunities are few and far between. I am forever grateful to the Harvard Club of New Jersey for granting me that freedom." 
Alex Diaz, Harvard College class of 2014 and Rhodes Scholar
Applications Due March 1st
Are you a Harvard undergrad looking for a meaningful, community-based internship opportunity this summer? Are you from NJ and plan to be home for the summer? And, by any chance, are you interested in being paid for this great opportunity? 

If you answered yes to all these questions, we welcome you to apply for the Harvard Club of NJ Summer Community Service Fellowship (SCSF). If you are not a Harvard undergrad but know of any Harvard undergrad who would be interested, we kindly ask you to forward this email to them to let them know of this tremendous opportunity.

Coordinated through the Center for Public Interest Careers (CPIC) and Harvard Alumni Association, the SCSF Program enables Harvard undergraduates to perform public service through a paid summer internship in the jurisdiction of a local Harvard Alumni Club. The Harvard Club of NJ is pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to one current Harvard undergraduate from NJ. Interested students must submit an application by March 1st to the CPIC website (see website here for application and program details). 

Applicants will need to propose a host nonprofit organization and specific project for the internship. If you are interested in applying and would like more information or have questions about this opportunity, please feel free to email Harvard Club of NJ Executive Committee members Erin Sweeney (erinpsweeney@gmail.com) or Mona Karim (monakarimmd@gmail.com). We are happy to help and look forward to awarding this great opportunity to one of you!